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For this trip, EU nationals will be required to possess an identity card or passport, of their European firearms card and their national hunting license. Before leaving, make sure that the canons of your shotgun (if more than one) are listed on your European firearms card. Please make sure that all your papers are valid.

:: Luggage

The weight of luggage allowed in economy class is 20kg. For weapons and ammunition, they should be enclosed in a rigid box and the ammunition (5kg max.) -  in a closed metal box. For further details please contact your airline.

:: Dogs

The dog's passport, issued by your veterinarian is required. A "certificate of good health" will be issued by the veterinary services no later than 5 days before departure, rabies vaccination to be updated between 1 year and 30 days before departure. The transportation of your dog will cost you 10 euros per flight per kg including the weight of the box. According to EU regulations for transportation of animals, the dog must be able to stand in the box standing upright.

:: Personal Equipment

Your equipment will be the same as that used in your country. In winter, warm clothing and very hot and good walking shoes.

:: Currency

The Bulgarian currency is the Leva, but the Euro is used both to pay your trophy fees and other personal costs. The exchange rate is 1 Euro = approx. 2 Leva. An amount in cash is to be foreseen since hunting takes place far from the localities where is an ATM.

:: Health

No vaccination is obligatory. There is no health risk on hunting areas where we bring you. Only a tetanus shot is recommended.

:: Insurance

The insurance "hunting liability” should cover the period of your hunting trip in Bulgaria. We will ask you a copy of it.

:: Transport by car

The best option is to go through Italy, to take a ferry boat to Greece and come to Bulgaria, so you stay in the EU and there are no problems with weapons.